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From time immemorial it is a well known truth that education is the key to the development of society. In all the Holy scriptures, the process of gaining knowledge through education has been given supreme importance in moulding better individuals and laying the foundation for a better society and a brighter future. However, in a state like Kerala where the literacy level is high, the requirement is more for "quality education". We at Darussalam Public school are aiming at improving the quality of education through the proper guidance of our faculty, valuing student individuality and enlighting them not only with academics but wisdom and creativity as well.

We would like to provide the children an education that encompasses all relevant spheres, which will definitely make them mentally, physically and emotionally strong. We would like the children to be a confident lot in every way and be ready to face the challenges in life and take on the world!


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Investiture Ceremony 2021  conducted at  Darussalam Public School, in the presence of

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